Mba´éichapa! Maitei Rory (Hi! In Guaraní, our language) it is a pleasure to greet you. We are an organization born in 2009, in Paraguay, one of the most homophobic and most unequal countries of Latin-America. Our proposal is to contribute on the HIV attention, to innovate with effective strategies against LGBTIphobia and to promote human rights defense.

We are moved to create impact in our country and in the region towards societies where HIV is no longer a problem or a stigma. In addition, our goal is that soon LGBTI + people, couples and families can have full rights and enjoy of their lives without fear, violence or discrimination.

We do not give up and we won´t give up until achieve the Yvy Marane´y, the Land without Evil, the dreamed paradise by the Guarani nation.

In this decade we have achieved unimaginable conquests for a little and extremely conservative country like ours, although we are aware that we have a long way to go to have the achievements of our region.

With our festivals, campaigns and events we have contributed towards a major visibility around of LGBTI+ people, couples and families. We have worked close up and we have signed agreements with important institutions of Paraguayan state; as a result, we have achieved to stablish the need of equal and access to the human rights on the social and political agenda in Paraguay.

On an international level, we have received support from some of the most important organizations of the world and, we have integrated the Coordinator Meeting of the UNAids Program and the Director Meeting of the Global Fund.

Solidarity and pride define us as an organization: we are not afraid to promote bold and courageous actions in extremely hostile and conservative contexts, such as the Paraguayan. In addition, we are proud of our Guarani heritage and we are inspired by the struggles of our ancestors against all forms of oppression, to soon achieve the Yvy Marane'y, the Land without Evil where there is no oppression, Paradise on Earth, where all people will have the same rights.