KUIMBA'E CLINIC: Men's Wellness Center

Kuimba'e, which in our native Guarani language means "man", is the name given to a community space that in addition to being a program specialized in men's health is a research and knowledge institute that seeks to contribute to comprehensive care and the end of HIV as a public health problem in the country.

Why and how Kuimba´e was born?

In 2008, the idea of a health care centre for gay, bisexual and MSM (men who have sex with men) was born. We replicated the Men's Wellness Center program with the support of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and in 2013 we opened the doors offering free medical care, psychological care, counseling, linkage to public services, HIV and STI testing, condoms, lubricants and prevention materials.

A research center at the service of our community

Science is a fundamental pillar to provide increasingly effective and efficient health services and also to improve our quality of life. As an organization, we understood that it was essential to carry out scientific studies focused on our Paraguayan LGBTI+ reality, especially our key population of gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men (MSM).

With a warm atmosphere, friendly and full of art, Kuimba'e seeks to create an atmosphere of trust, free of discrimination and above all, with much hope in the near future where the right to health is fully guaranteed.