El Centro


SOMOSGAY currently has 3 headquarters in: Asunción, Ciudad del Este y Villeta.


This headquarter is the first own house of the organization, a restored building in the Asunción downtown, important territory for daily and nightly activities of the Paraguayan LGBTI+ collective. This is the permanent headquarter of our organization since 2013 and it is placed on Independencia Nacional 1032 street and Manduvirá street.


Here is the operative office of the organization, it is also Kuimba´e, the Cyber Condon Bar, La Terraza and several spaces always open for the community. The atmosphere, friendly and warm, also has the Oz Montanía art, an urban artist, social militant and collaborator of SOMOSGAY. 


This space also is an incubator for groups of militants that do not have own place as LESVOS, a lesbian and bisexual women group, or as DIVERSA, a youth incidence network, and others. 


The community center takes his name due to it is thought like a home for several people, groups and organizations, is a celebrating, care and contention place for several kinds of activities. 


Here we offer a safe place for meetings; in this headquarter we also project different actions for the community. Here people can find health attention, free materials for self-care and rights exercise, speaking, debates and spectacles proposals. Our Center is a place free of violence and discrimination, with free Internet connection, to know and visit in Asunción.


El Centro 1
El Centro 2


Ciudad del Este headquarter


The second most important city of Paraguay also has his seat, nothing less than a strategic territory that shares borders with two countries: Brazil and Argentina. In 26th April, 2016, the center was launched with sanitarian authorities and municipal workers; today it is a place that open its doors with numerous proposals for the community. 


SOMOSGAY CDE is placed on Coronel Francisco Chávez Delvalle street 104 number and Capitán Acosta street, in Boquerón neighborhood, from one block of the República Lake and of the International 7 Rout. Like the LGBT Communitarian Center we offer free HIV and STD tests, free materials, condoms, lubricants and spaces for meetings with Wi-Fi, talks and cultural activities.


Villeta headquarter


Also known as the “Bewitched House”, is placed in an antique and iconic house in Villeta city, on the streets Mariscal Estigarribia, Colón 536 number and Doctor José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia, form one block of the Villeta municipality and the Paraguay river. 


Established on a port city, in a city of rest, the Communitarian Center is a place thought for wellness of the LGBTI+ community in the country and an important point of regional militancy, because here is where the formation and exchange center of GayLatino is.


The building is an architectural heritage, and was abandoned for more than three decades. Today its spaces, halls and gardens were restored, embellished and decorated and the center, which also offers free Internet, is a refugee for LGBTI + youth at risk situation.




The facilities of the three venues are available for rent in case of events, talks, congresses, trainings, forums, benefit activities, etc. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance to (link) and are confirmed upon receipt of payment.


We have reduced fees or fees waived for:


LGBTI+ groups or human rights organizations.

Non-profit groups or organizations that provide community services.

Government institutions.

Groups or organizations that perform activities of financial benefit to the community or to a social cause.