SOMOSGAY was born in May 23th, 2009, as a bet on solidarity and hope. The creation of our organization was a consequence of two decades of crisis and instability of a Paraguay in a democratic transition after one of the longer dictatorships of Latin-America. The Paraguayan LGBTI+ movement was no stranger to this problem.


Our organization was born in this context: in the middle of a fragmented civil society, unable to articulate democratically due to a strong authoritarian culture. To have merged in the middle of the Paraguayan social crisis, with a firm and non-negotiable bet for the social change, it has made us strong and resilient.


Since our origins we forge a renewed militancy with the clear aim of to advance towards the Yvy Marane´y, the Land without Evil, a paradise on earth free of oppression. We hold that it is possible to build collective with solidarities and communitarian logics, that points to the transformation of the society.


In this decade of perseverance, resistance and fight we have achieved some unimaginable goals in an extremely homophobic country, with the most higher rates of the continent according to ONUSIDA, in very hostile circumstances in comparison with other Latin-American countries: