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SOMOSGAY participates in workshop “Transformational Leadership by results in HIV-AIDS”

SOMOSGAY participates in workshop “Transformational Leadership by results in HIV-AIDS”

access_timeMay 14, 2009 08:51 pm

Simon Cazal, along with other members of the organization SOMOSGAY, participated of the workshop “Transformational Leadership for results in HIV-AIDS” organized by the United Nations Development Program, UNDP. The workshop took place on May 12 and 14 in our country. The workshop is conducted by Dr. Néstor Arias, economist, who was responsible of 87 National Programs of the UNDP on HIV-AIDS around the world.

Mr. Arias is the designer and responsible of the implementation of this Program on Transformational Leadership for the entire region. At the moment, he is the Regional Director of the Inter-American Association on Transformational Leadership and Capacity Building for Latin-America and the Caribbean, IAA, with headquarters in New York.
Chilean and economist, Néstor Arias acted as the adviser for regional policies on governability and development of HIV-AIDS of the United Nations for Latin-America and the Caribbean.
Arias was also the leader of the HIV and AIDS unit that prepared the material related to evaluations of the global program of the United Nations. His work plans have been implemented in Central America and the Caribbean. His work on human rights and HIV-AIDS has been recognized in the whole Latin-American region. His writings on AIDS have been published since 1995.
The Leadership Program by Results represents the pioneer contribution of the UNDP looking forward to support the general answer of the country towards HIV-AIDS. The program uses strategies and approaches that have a potential impact on all the development areas beyond HIV-AIDS. It is a synergic process that includes governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society, religious organizations, people living with HIV-AIDS, the media, the private sector, the UNDP and the staff of the sister organizations within the United Nations.
In this event over 50 people attended from different social organizations, public entities, educators and people interested in the leadership by results in HIV-AIDS.

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Simón Cazal

Co-Fundador y Director Ejecutivo, SOMOSGAY