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Pelusa Rubín

Pelusa Rubín

access_timeSeptember 21, 2013 01:27 pm

"There are heterosexual couples who have gay sons or lesbian daughters, so the orientation does not depend on parents"

Pelusa Rubin is a woman of great charisma and considered by everyone an icon of the Paraguayan television. We present an interview with the renowned conductor, where she tells us about her career, her daily life, her relationship with her uncle Armando Rubin and the support she provides.

How would you describe Pelusa Rubín?

I am a "working mother" type of person until the very last drop of my blood. To the core, hardcore, I try to be a good wife, I do not like lies and I will always be there for those who need me.


How did your carreer in the media started?

I started in the main news program on Channel 9, then I did La mañana de cada día, 9 Mujeres del 9, Mujer, Pelusa Ya, Pelusa para Vos, Folklore and more news. Also Al Estilo Pelusa, Estilos de Vida and on the radio I was in charge of Siempre Pelusa, plus all the work I did and conducting events.


Throughout your carreer, which do you consider as your best moments?

I try to enjoy every moment in the work I do, but without hesitation "Mujer" marked my career and I thank Naomi Gomez for it.


Knowing that our society is very machista, did you ever face obstacles because of being a woman?

I do not feel discrimination from the media but I feel that the viewer is not prepared to see on the TV screens characters like the ones shown in Argentina.


A few years ago, Armando Rubín came out courageously of the closet to the paraguayan society and you were one of the firsts one to support him. Can you tell us more on this and the relationship that you have with Armando?

"Uncle Armando" had the need to open up for the cameras and it seems valid to me. You have to live the way it makes you happy as long as you do not hurt others. I love him, my Uncle, and that will never change, even though that for different reasons we do not see each other more often.


“There are heterosexual couples who have gay sons or lesbian daughters, so the orientation does not depend on parents"


What do you think about equal marriage and the adoption in same-sex couples?

There are so many families who suffer, many misfortuned opposite-sex marriages with abuse, violence, rape, drugs, alcoholism. I prefer to see two people who love each other and try to be happy in an incomprehensible society like ours.
Adoption is difficult due to the protocol that must be met, with traditional families and marriages, for me they are couples and and that's it, and if they qualify and will educate, love, feed and provide health care for their children and daughters, why not? There are heterosexual couples who have gay sons and lesbian daughters, so the orientation does not depend on parents.


What message will you give to LGBT people in our country?

Try to be happy, do not hurt, offend, by respecting and especially listening to the others.


What plans do you have for the future?

Continue working in the media as long as people accept me and give me so much love as they have so far, besides enjoying my family, which is beautiful and the biggest thing that I have.