GEOGRAPHY: The Republic of Paraguay has an area of 406,752 km2 , the whole territory is divided by the Río Paraguay into two distinct regions. Western or Chaco region, representing over 60 % of the country and has 2.7% of the total population . The eastern region is inhabited by about 98 % of the population. From the administrative point of view, besides the capital Asunción, the country has 17 provinces and 237 districts.


GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS: In its 20 years of democracy, Paraguay has had to resolve structural crisis of the system and its institutions. In June 2012 , in the midst of a constitutional crisis , assumes a de facto government that was not democratically elected, plunging the country into a diplomatic crisis with the region and disrupting his weakened democratic process. A multi-ethnic society , with around 20 ethnic groups, many multicultural immigrant enclaves added . The downturn in the economy has deteriorated in quality of life. Social investment in education and health is low and there is little progress in the implementation of structural and institutional reforms , declining agricultural production , increasing unemployment , crime and insecurity. 


POPULATION: In 2002, the National Census of Population and Housing was conducted. According to the census, in that year, the population of Paraguay was 5,163,198 inhabitants. 56.7 % of this population lives in urban areas and 43.3 % in rural areas. Also, 50.4 % men , 49.6 % women , 37.1 % are under age 15 and 4.9 % are individuals 65 years and over. According to projections, the capital Asuncion, together with the departments of Alto Paraná and Central will concentrate most of the urban population in the immediate future, in addition to causing high pressure on the demand for labor , a growing need of housing and basic services.


Paraguay River



ETHNIC GROUPS AND LANGUAGE: Ethnically the country has one of the most homogeneous populations in South America, about 91 % is composed of guarani and spanish mestizos . The population is bilingual and has two official languages: spanish and guarani. According to the 2002 census , 59% of the population use most often at home the Guarani language , 36 % in spanish and Guarani , and the rest other languages. The exclusive use of spanish reaches only 6% of the population.