"As an organization, we recognize ourselves as heirs of the Guarani nation, marked by their struggle against oppression, inequality and violence"

Hello! We are SOMOSGAY, and we are building a solidary association; we are committed with the innovation effective strategies against homophobia, improving HIV and AIDS prevention; defending the rights of those affected by this virus and the advancement of human rights in Paraguay.

We are proud of our language and our Guarani heritage, marked by their struggle against oppression, inequality and violence, in the path towards the Yvy Marane'y (the Land without Evil), a paradise on Earth, a society in which all Paraguayans can live without exclusions and with full dignity.



    Co-Founder, Executive Director

    Born and raised in the city of Villeta -but spoiled in Asuncion, he is the brain and soul behind SOMOSGAY. When he was a boy scout, Simon began his day at six o’clock; and years later, this allowed him to stay up late and find shelter in books, architecture, photography and movies, which are just some of his passions. He also developed a particular facility to talk about anything. Yes, anything


    He is a cat lover and a huge fan of Batman (plus all the comic superheroes that you not even knew existed).


    Co-Founder, M&E Officer

    Gary is a systems analyst born in Asuncion. He is one of our co-founders and a key part on the success of our organization. Present since the very beginning, he currently monitors and evaluates the organization’s activities, and he is also the one IT specialist we call every time we need one.


    Sarcasm is one of his most valuable tools.


    Co-Founder, Cultural Manager

    Even though his real name is David, we all know him as Goli, and as well as Gary, he’s been with us since the genesis of this movement. He is in charge of the cultural management of SOMOSGAY, its linkage with local authorities and the logistics of our community mobilization activities. In his free time, you can easily find him at a certain gallery or also enjoying street concerts of jazz.


    When he was younger, he used to model for art students… naked.


    Co-Founder, Communications Officer

    The combination of his current psychology career and his experience in advertising, made of Federico a one-of-a-kind professional in our country. Known as the most introverted person in the group and the one who never “loses it”, he often finds comfort in his music, movies and audiovisual projects.


    He wants to change the world, but first: a cup of strong coffee.


    Co-Founder, Director of the LGBT Community Center

    Technology may not be his best friend, but Paloma’s passion to mobilize our communities is a great asset and keeps our organization’s balance. If you can’t find him trying to solve a certain issue, it’s very likely that he is seeking for comfort with Chardonnay and social media -oh, gossip!


    Has phobia of rats. Also, he can watch “Mamma Mía!” time and time again... tirelessly.


    Health Area Officer, Director of Kuimba’e MWC

    Born in San Lorenzo city, Iván is the Director of the Men’s Wellness Center of SOMOSGAY, and one of the most renowned physicians in the country. Singing is one of his main passions, and this artistic sensitivity provided him with the right ingredients to become one of the most beloved figures of the contemporary LGBT movement.


    He had the role of Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables”, and he's part of a street-art cast.


    Program Officer

    An organized desk, a cold beer and loud music are some things that define this young activist. Obsessed with “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”, Sergio traveled quite a lot around the world to gain experiences and knowledge that can help building the LGBT movement in Paraguay. In his spare time, you can find him either on Tumblr or recording covers of his favorite songs.


    He has keyboard shortcuts for everything… everything! He also bites his nails.


    Linkage To Care, Kuimba’e MWC

    This Psychologist is allegedly the only straight human being in our team, and if you can’t find her watching Peter Capusotto´s videos or reading something of Bukowski, is very likely that you can find her acquiring a new Minion-looked accessory. From the city of Itauguá she went to Barcelona and then came back to share her passion for social activism, as well as the 2 am karaoke sessions with Sergio.


    Up to this date, she strongly believes that Bruno Mars is her soul mate.


    Youth Program Coordinator

    Known as “the vegetarian of the office” (and by being one of the few who can’t deal with coffee), Adolfo made his way from Atyrá city towards Asunción, thanks to his dedication with the LGBT movement. This young social sciences student likes to have a take on everything, and enjoys long showers, social media and his playlists full of guilty pleasures.


    Did someone say “Chocolate!?”


    Peer Counselor, Kuimba’e MWC

    There is always a MacGyver guy in every office, and ours is called Carlos: he can repair anything with a clip and a piece of gum. He’s the youngest member of our Advocacy Unit, and enjoys hanging out with his friends and eating a whole plate of pasta… without gaining any weight.


    Beyoncé. Beyoncé. Beyoncé.


    Linkage to Care, Kuimba'e MWC

    This community center psychology, spends his free time to dive in the books from Eduardo Galeano and listen to Joaquín Sabina.


    Inside her head, she dreams that she is the paraguayan Shakira.


    Psychologist, Kuimba’e Clinic

    "Mimicha" as her family and friend know her, works since the early beginning of SOMOSGAY taking a role as a clinical psicóloga clínica psychologist. She enjoys taking care of their dogs and their plants, such as helping others. It's not indifferent to any injustice in the world.


    Wants to be on an desert island with Sean Penn or with Johnny Depp, but as it is impossible, she is content to keep dreaming.


    Coordinator, Community Center LGBT CDE

    His friends consider him a happy and funny person, and because he loves cooking, he prepares the best meatballs. His favorite sport is volleyball and his idols are Steven Tyler and Beyoncé.

    Important fact:

    Oscar has an intense phobia of bugs and his dream is a parachute jump in the middle of Dubai.


    Nurse, Men's Wellness Center

    Born in the city of Tobatí, spoiled in Asuncion. David is the son of a strong leader and advocate for Human Rights. He is also responsible for care prior to consultation with the doctor, providing quality and warmth for the whole LGBT community, making sure the query is nice and comforting. David uses his free time to play his instrument, obviously we’re talking about his guitar.

    Important fact:

    David is an expert ear singer on rainy days.


    Clinical Doctor, Men's Wellness Center

    He studied medicine at the island of Cuba, country that he misses with all his strength. Ever dedicates his profession at the Kuimba'e Clinic and he's always updating his knowledge about infectious diseases. Number. 1 fan of Sailor Moon in Paraguay, unswervingly listens to all Gloria Trevi’s tracks and is a huge fan of J-Horror movies.

    Important fact:

    Loves coffee since Med School and loves dreaming (because he likes to sleep more than 8 hours in his free time).


    Receptionist, LGBT Community Center

    In the morning, Claudia is the first person who will attend and give you all the info you need about the LGBT Community Center. She is the mother of Bryan, who was born during the early years of SOMOSGAY and he represents a ray of sunshine and hope. In the near future she plans to study nursing because she discovered her vocation and the area she is passionate about.

    Important fact:

    She is allergic to cats, although ironically lives surrounded by them.


    Peer Counselor, Men's Wellness Center

    He began his steps in activism attending workshops of Community Agents Program in Human Rights and Health. Today he works as a counselor at the Kuimba'e Clinic. During the morning, before his work schedule, you'll find him helping with logistics, preparing a delicious tereré or stroking michis (his favorite michi is Surubita).

    Important fact:

    Better known as "Joy and Fun" for his lively party boy personality (right?).


    Knowledge and Research Manager

    Divides her time between family, friends, plants and conversations with her pets. She dreamed of being an astronaut, but conforms with closer and shorter trips, as they are virtually through reading, adventure movies or documentaries.

    Important fact:

    Raquel is living here and now, enjoying the ride with ice cream that cannot be missing. Her friends affirm that she has hidden talents with music and shamanism (so far she can’t find the relation).



    Journalist in training and for not giving lengthy explanations about her origin, she prefers to say simply that she is from Latin America. Norma works as writer here and there. She is very interested in human rights, social causes, humanities and sciences. She believes that she writes and that’s why harasses people with her literature of dubious quality. Norma is addicted to music; loves classical music but also listens to other genres.

    Important fact:

    She is not a Pokémon.


    Clinical Doctor, Men's Wellness Center

    From his childhood, Juan Pablo dreamed to be a doctor. He figured that in those huge medical books would be all the unknowns that one could consider. He is passionate about reading and writing because he believes it is a way of exorcising fears and inner demons that we all have, since demons and fears on paper becomes mere literature.

    Important fact:

    Enjoy his weekends with a glass of wine, a good movie and eventually singing (although he admits that he does it badly).



    Born in Asunción and raised in Itauguá. Joel is a studious boy devoted entirely to educating himself as much as possible. He’s very professional and enthusiastic about his work.

    Important fact:

    In SOMOSGAY all agree that Joel is a bundle of nerves (although everybody knows he is the kind of people who can fix things with a single call)

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