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Wachowski and the “T” from LGBT

Wachowski and the “T” from LGBT

access_timeApril 04, 2016 03:57 am

"I'm transsexual" said Lilly - once known as Andy Wachowski - now the smallest of the Wachowski sisters.

Along with her older sister, Lana, who was recognized as a transgender woman back in 2012, they are the creators of cult films like Matrix or V for Vendetta, and the hit Netflix series: Sense8.
In her statement, Lilly gave numerous reflections worthy of stress. The 48 year old filmmaker confirmed the news after being threatened by numerous newspapers, who informed her of their intention to filter the news. Nick Adams from GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) stressed that this fact remains a problem to improve how media approaches to the topic: “she should not have been forced to reveal it before she was ready to do so," he said, adding "journalists must learn that [a leak] is unacceptable for a transsexual, in the same way that it is unacceptable for a person who is gay, lesbian or bisexual."
Despite the circumstances, both GLAAD as different organizations and celebrities in the world applauded and supported Lilly’s decision: "I just needed time to feel comfortable."

Beyond a binary world.

It is estimated that 2014 data, there are approximately 700 trans people in Paraguay, 90% of them engaged in sex work. The trans community is the most affected by different levels of discrimination, starting with health services and educational institutions, where 90% do not complete basic school. All this determines a situation of vulnerability that must be addressed from different angles. It is something as basic as dignifying human beings, after all.
That's why news and decisions like the ones Lilly Wachowski made, are as important as necessary. Because they make visible. Make visible a matter in which there is still some way to go. Puts in focus and represents, even in the many differences, the situation of many transgender women in Paraguay, Latin America, and the world. It stresses the importance of family support and environment for a comfortable and happy transition.
Wachowski knows it, and is consideres herself a lucky person: "I have the ability to pay for treatment of the doctors to let me pass successfully through this process."
The transition will continue throughout his life. "Now gender theory and queer theory hurt my little brain," said the filmmaker, who notes that this is a way to understanding their own gender identity. A road accompanied by his wife of over 20 years.
"Being transgender is not easy. We live in a binary world of gender. This means that when you are transgender have to face the harsh reality of living the rest of your life in a world that is openly hostile," stressing that "we need to raise the dialogue beyond the binary simplicity, which is like a false idol. "
However, he thinks that this situation can change: I continue to be optimistic and carrying my back the fight for progress, and in my own person, being an example that another world is possible.
Both Lana's older sister, as Lilly Wachowski are just that, examples. Examples not only for the trans community, but to teach the world to another world, one where gender identity is no limit to express your ability and creativity. Not one where we're losing, by prejudice, so much human quality. And they are an excuse, rather than valid for embracing the way of achieving respect, inclusion and equality of the trans community. It can be achieved, but it requires a commitment of the whole society.
Let’s remember all that next time we do a Matrix marathon.

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