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To resist and to move forward, that is our motto

To resist and to move forward, that is our motto

access_timeNovember 17, 2016 02:34 pm

This is the country where I live but it is not an isolated case, this is just part of a conservative onslaught in the West and in Latin America, specifically. We are witness of a paroxysm that threatens to return to dark ages of torture, disappearances and blatant, unpunished and even celebrated genocides.

We live difficult times of resistance to the Obscurantism that is now hanging over civilization more than ever through dogmatism, with that ruthlessness typical of hegemony. We LGBT people must be alert more than ever. It is imperative to resist, to not surrender to the advances and to join forces, more than ever.


We struggle against hegemony, against the premise that some human beings are worth more than others. It is an ideological struggle in the core but on a daily basis it causes deaths, harassments, sufferings. We raise the flag of human rights that cannot be denied or suppressed because they are intrinsic to human condition. Saying no to rights is saying yes to privileges, yes to the stripping of human nature because of not answering to the paradigms established by power.


The arguments in favor of such behaviors rely on dogmas opposed to science that pretend to impose a totalitarian and fallacious world view that reduce us human beings to mere instruments. If we LGBT people are refused rights of course women, native people, workers, etc. will be denied dignity as well.


More than ever it is necessary to discuss, more than ever we need to call things for their names. A “no to rights” is yes to violence, femicide of trans colleagues, yes to the destruction of the numerous existent families in order to impose a single and dogmatic model of family, yes to death and torture of countless gay, lesbian and bisexual colleagues whose only crime was to love somebody of the same sex. That is also a yes to the denial of identity to trans people and yes to bullying causing so many suicides.


Do we wish a theocracy like that of Islamic countries? Do we wish to go back to the Middle Ages? Do we wish to go back to the times when it was acceptable to buy and sell human beings as objects, when women weren’t humans but mere reproductive and disposable wombs? The list could continue even further.


To put it simply: Saying NO to human rights is saying YES to death.

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Norma Flores Allende

Redactora, SOMOSGAY.