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“TEST FREE” days by PRONASIDA and SOMOSGAY are successfully carried out

“TEST FREE” days by PRONASIDA and SOMOSGAY are successfully carried out

access_timeNovember 02, 2009 02:10 pm

Since October 23rd of 2009, SOMOSGAY along with the PRONASIDA of the Ministry of Health, carried out days of counseling and voluntary testing at the SOMOSGAY CENTER called ”GET TESTED WITH TESTFREE at the CENTER”

This service offers the facility to be done in a more accessible place to the majority of the LGBT people, thanks to the privileged location of the SOMOSGAY CENTER. The service that is available in several healthcare institutions in the city, pretends to extend to the public, focusing on gay males and trans women as they have been identified as the most vulnerable populations of the pandemic. In this quest, the PRONASIDA has renewed its commitment to support activities by SOMOSGAY that aim to better the reach of this population.
The initiative was well received by the community. An important number of people attended the talk that took place on the first day.
The service was offered with the use of the rapid test, that made possible the know the result of the test in less than 15 minutes, followed by peer counseling, offered by the counselors trained by the PRONASIDA.
The successful days were attended by an important number of people, where more than the 75% of them had the test done, a big accomplishment to this type of activities in the paraguayan LGBT population.
The Ministry of Health, through the PRONASIDA, is in plans of expanding the testing service and voluntary counseling in several public hospital. It is expected that the citizens are able to access these services without any type of discrimination or mistreatment. This is the reason why SOMOSGAY is willing to mark the path of the recommendations, complaints and suggestions that can help to monitor the correct implementation of these services.
SOMOSGAY restates its commitment to public health, free of charge and open access to all paraguayans.

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Simón Cazal

Co-Fundador y Director Ejecutivo, SOMOSGAY