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access_timeNovember 24, 2009 06:19 pm

SOMOSGAY in compliance with its mission of contributing t better the national answer given to HIV and AIDS in our country, it is committed to the development of several activities during World AIDS Day that takes place on December 1st.

Homophobia generates conditions of rejection and discrimination that make HIV to have an excessive impact on the population of gay males and trans women. Therefore, this impact is still in Latin America a challenge to governments, organizations and people that work to give and effective answer to the damages that this virus causes.
HIV has stopped being a medical problem to transform into a problem that is intimately linked to other social problems as poverty, racism, inequality between males and females, and in our case, vinculated directly to homophobia.
The greatest impact takes place among young persons in the ages between 15 and 25 years old. Added to homophobia, the impact between young gays is highly worrying.
SOMOSGAY is committed to this problem, and in concordance with the strategies more recent to face the pandemic, organizes as an activity the WEEK OF GAY FIGHT AGAINST HIV/AIDS from November 25th to December 1st of 2009 (World AIDS Day) that comprehends a series of activities.
The WEEK OF GAY FIGHT AGAINST HIV/AIDS starts on November 25 with the Conference "LGBT Rights and Homophobia in Paraguay" to take place at the Universidad Columbia del Paraguay, at 7pm in the Magna Room of the Law College (Mexico and Mcal. Estigarribia de Asunción)
On Thursday 26 the "Gay Day" takes place, an activity of socialization organized by SOMOSGAY at the SOMOSGAY CENTER, from 6pm. The activity seeks to implement a space to meet and socialize that is alternative for young gay males.
On Friday 27th the movie "And the band played on" was played. This movies is about the first years of the pandemic and its impact on the lives of young gay males of that time. The intention was to generate a space of exchange of ideas that helps to deepen into the reflections on the particular vulnerability suffered by gay males due to homophobia.
On Saturday 29 and Sunday 29 a series of outreach activities will be carried out, in order to reach to gay people in playful commercial places such as nightclubs and saunas of the city. The activity will bring informative materials and condoms to the public. This activity will take place in Asuncion and some other cities of the rest of the country.
On Monday November 30th a talk aimed to young people, along with the Vice-Minister of Youth, will be held at the SOMOSGAY CENTER at 7pm.
On Tuesday 1 the closing of the week will hold a musical concert at 7pm. This concert will include several groups of different music styles from 6pm to 11pm.
During this week, SOMOSGAY will visit several spaces in the media seeking to generate a more open debate on HIV and AIDS in the society.
SOMOSGAY, stands true to its mission of innovating effective strategies against homophobia; the improvement of HIV/AIDS prevention; the defense of the rights of the people affected by this virus and the advance of human rights in Paraguay.

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Simón Cazal

Co-Fundador y Director Ejecutivo, SOMOSGAY