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Eradicate male chauvinism is possible

Eradicate male chauvinism is possible

access_timeFebruary 24, 2016 06:54 pm

Historically, Paraguay has been marked by male chauvinism as the defining model of their culture, and therefore our way of thinking and doing things.

Today, thanks to advances in technology and the constant transfer of knowledge and information, we can ensure that this plague should be definitively eradicated from our country. Why? Because we have become the painful result of a macho culture that needs to move forward. Advancing equal rights and opportunities for all. Now, let's put it in context:



Historian Ana Barreto noted in an article for the newspaper ABC that the European model introduced in the late nineteenth century to our country through the newspapers of the time promoted a macho expression that took root thanks to the elite of Asuncion. For its part, the Lic. Ismael Gaona (Paraguay APREVIM) indicated in the same article that the consolidation of the "macho" is through their language and attitudes both in their family and social life and this ultimately affects public and private spheres, even in the way justice is administered.


How the male role based on the myth of male superiority is conceived

This occurs due to the cultural construction, based on the story of the evolution of the socialization of gender roles, particularly in how the male role based on the myth of the superiority of men over women is conceived. In the collecting and hunting society women also went hunting, but eventually, as this is better conditioned for the care of babies, they ended up being men who went hunting. That's the macho ideological tradition, which considers man as the "stronger sex", which owns women and that this is natural and inevitable.


Thus, the scoring is as follows:

Machismo: 1 / Society: 0



Besides the family, the education sector is the second stage of training we have. Speaking punctually, there are several issues that are not adequately addressed because of the resounding rejection of sex education in schools as part of the educational curriculum, this is not an intent to sexualize "intimate" aspects of a couple, this is about opening a debate on gender discrimination, on stereotypes, sexual violence, prevention of risks and diseases or teenage pregnancy and the use of condoms.



This rejection is given by a strongly religious environment that does not promote health education quality, because you have to understand that religions in general are constructions that leave the male power over the rest and cannot see clearly the flaw that is causing this in our education.
An educated and critical thinking society is one that understands such basic human rights as their primary things as a person. An educated person does not discriminate, it is tolerant, it is inclusive. The macho attitude mocks sexuality to sexualized aspects considered different or different in their thinking, and thus regulates all kinds of information to not allow others to create critical thinking.


No speaking of male chauvinism, ignoring it or denying it, it is a form of control and is an impediment to quality education.


Machismo: 2 / Company: 0


Equal rights

The belief that one sex is inferior or superior to another, mockery or disqualification to the appearance or behavior of women or men to impose a notion of masculinity or femininity generates an intolerant attitude towards everything that does not fit in that model.



Ticio Escobar notes that "homophobia is the daughter of an intolerant thought," and this is clearly visible on the discrimination against so-called minority groups, reflecting the rejection of what is different from heterosexual male, such as LGBT, feminist or others. And this is how the basic rights and dignity of these groups of people are affected and denied.
A person with a good education understands that homophobia has basically no sense, because this attitude leads to deny to a whole community their basic rights as human beings for the sake of being different from the stereotype of man or woman culturally imposed. Demeaning talk, intolerant attitudes, the denial of rights or ignore aspects of our Constitution or laws are sexist structures that were established as "normal" and should be deleted.

Machismo: 3 / Society: 0


Thus, the marker goes against our construction as a healthy society, we are far from being one because we let male chauvinism to be an element of social control and sexist exploitation within our culture. And there are several factors that are contribute to its survival and continuity: the type of education given in the family and in schools, discriminatory or not inclusive laws; but also occurs on discrimination in the religious sphere, the gender division at work, academics, or health.


We do not only think that everything is socially constructed for the convenience of the Paraguayan male, which ultimately affects the quality of health, labor response, of our cultural construction. What is really important is not done: not eradicate violence against women, or against minority communities like LGBT, indigenous or having disabilities. If you think about it, it affects us all and male chauvinism ends up making us a six to zero as a society.


If at the time, the role models we take in Europe or other countries, do not you think it is time to do it again and apply those inclusive models to our society?

A society itself has many pillars that are diverse, are different from each other, but the ongoing sexism is still pretending to hide them with embarrassing vulgar phrases and attitudes. We are losing as a society.


But it is possible to eradicate this male germ from our society, because such behavior to pretend that male dominance is natural is actually a cultural pattern and therefore variable. And this is what we will set up step by step over the next few articles, to make understandable how these guidelines have been followed and how we can change them to turn them into something positive.


It is in our hands reverse the score.

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